2009 – The Guardian

Advertising for The Guardian.

We see a four arrows, black, white, blue and red, come onto a warm grey screen, the colour palate has the feel of a World War 2 poster. We hear sound design of the different noises of war. Each arrow has a specific sound to illustrate different angles of WW2.

The arrows continue to move around the screen accompanied by their sound until the points eventually come together.
VO: Eye-witness accounts. What other nations remember. The global perspective. World War 2 from every angle.

We pull back to reveal the arrows have formed the shape of a swastika. Cut to The Guardian and the 7-part guide.
VO: World War 2 from every angle. A 7-part series. Free in the Guardian and the Observer.Starts this Saturday / Tomorrow / Today.

Production : Partizan Lab London
Agency : Wieden & Kennedy London
Direction : Laurie Thinot
Animation : Gustavo Almenara

Client: The Guardian Compétences: Pub